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Are you ready to train your mental elements? 

Swimming Surfer

Why Elemental?

Earth's elements are the inspiration for Elemental Performance. 

Just like the elements of Earth, our mental tools can work together and be unbelievably powerful. However, when they're not in sync, elements can be detrimental, just like our mental tools. 

Elemental Performance aims to help people perform more consistently by developing mental tools that work together to help 

About Elemental 

Elemental Performance was founded in 2021 with the mission of helping people perform to their best abilities using sport psychology theories and methods. 


Elemental Performance focuses on training and developing skills inspired by Earth's elements: 

  • Fuel your motivation 

  • Build strong foundations & stay grounded 

  • Promote flow and perseverance 

  • Adapt, overcome and succeed 

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