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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Mental Performance Coaching?

How can you set goals and actually accomplish them? How can you be more motivated? How can you reduce anxiety in high stress situations? How can you improve your focus? How can you regulate your emotions in times that require it? How can you benefit from imagining your performance? How can I get my team to work together? 

Performances rely a lot on our minds, so when it comes to mental performance, I'm referring to the psychological components of these tasks. Components like motivation, goal setting, energy management, or effective self-talk can help your performance when leveraged correctly. Invictus Performance Consulting coaches clients through theories and skills they can apply to get a mental edge on their performance. 

What does Mental Performance coaching look like? 

The short answer is, it depends. Mental performance coaching can look different depending on the client, the goals, and the task. Performance Coaches are flexible in terms of where to meet and what those meetings consist of. The ultimate goal is to help our clients. All of the logistics will be discussed in your initial consultation! 

What should I expect in the initial consultation?

Initial consultations are in place to make sure you're a match with your consultant. In this session, you'll have the chance to introduce yourself to your consultant and get a chance to learn about your consultant as well. Initial consultations are an opportunity to start building relationships, learn about our clients and discuss what future sessions consist of based on client needs and logistics. 

Who can benefit from Mental Performance Coaching?

Teams: Team sessions are great to help groups work more cohesively. From sports to the corporate world, being able to work effectively as a team makes a world of difference. Whether teams are looking to improve efficiency in day-to-day tasks or obtaining a specific goal, team sessions are the way to go.


Individuals: Individual sessions are great for athletes of all levels who want to work on improving their mental game with one-on-one coaching. These sessions include developing current mental skills as well as learning to incorporate some science-based theories into the athlete's performances.


Youth athletes and parents: Like with anything in life, it takes consistent practice to become better. Youth athletes who start developing their mental skills when they're young will have more practice! Working with youth athletes is a way to be proactive in helping the athlete incorporate the mental game into their performance. Just like their athletes, parents can benefit from training as well. Working with us, parents can learn how to incorporate the foundations of mental skills to support their athletes.


Performers: The mental side is a big part of a performance. From mental barriers such as coping with pressure or building the confidence to perform at their best. Mental skills are transferable from the sport environment to the performance environment. Performers looking for a leg up in their mental game can benefit from one-on-one mental skills training or team sessions when working with a group.


Exercisers: When it comes to exercising, the mind can create a lot of barriers. Let's work towards overcoming them! Whether you're new to exercising or an avid exerciser, many of the skills we work on can be beneficial to you. Consultants can help with developing goals, motivation and skills such as building confidence, ways to manage energy, returning after an injury, just to name a few!


Leaders and Coaches: Leaders and coaches are experts in their field. We can support that expertise by discussing skills to help support their players or subordinates. Things like understanding how communication works or discussing best practices for motivating people, we're here to help!

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